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Post Natal Physiotherapy in Ivanhoe, Victoria

The weeks and months following the birth of your baby is a busy and exhausting time. While you are caring for your newborn, your body is trying to recover from the changes that occurred during pregnancy and birth. Because of this, you may experience:


Pelvic Girdle Pain

Neck and Back Pain

DRAM (Stomach separation)



At Perform, we can help treat these conditions with our high quality Physiotherapy care, helping you achieve your goals and improve your strength and fitness enhancing your capacity to meet and exceed the demands of living with a growing baby.

At Perform, we can help treat these conditions with our high quality Physiotherapy care.

Pelvic Floor Check-Up and Return to Exercise

Clearance from your GP and or Obstetrician at your 6 week check up does not mean your body is ready to return to all types of exercise. Pelvic Floor rehabilitation is very important to reduce the risk of urinary incontinence and prolapse. If you tore your calf muscle you would rehab it, so make sure you rehab your pelvic floor.

Assessment of the pelvic floor and abdominal wall recovery ideally performed form 6 weeks postpartum onwards. Your Pelvic Floor Physio will take a comprehensive history and conduct a thorough assessment of your pelvic floor, abdominals and movement patterns. Your Physio will then advise you on the condition of your pelvic floor, provide you with an individualised recovery plan and advise you on your readiness to recommencing exercise.

Post Natal Clinical Pilates Classes

Many of our client’s benefit from and love participating in our semi-private clinical pilates classes, where we individually design and tailor your exercise program specifically to address the postnatal body and achieve each lady’s individual goals.

Clinical Pilates and supervised exercise is proven to be a safe and an effective way for Postnatal women to exercise and enhance their recovery. If this is something you are interested in, you first need to book an Initial Post Natal Pilates Assessment. During this assessment your Physio will take a thorough history and assessment and then start the process to transition you into our semi-private clinical pilates classes.

To learn more about Initial Post Natal Pilates Assessment and our Semi-Private Clinical Pilates + Exercises click here.

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