ACL Rehab in Ivanhoe, Victoria

What Should I Do If I Think I’ve Injured My Knee?
You should consult an experienced Physiotherapist, if you’ve had an incident which has resulted in any of the following knee symptoms:



Giving way or feelings of instability

Locking or inability to fully bend or straighten your knee

Inability to weight-bear

Australia has the highest incidence of ACL injury in the world. An ACL injury has considerable risk factors for limiting activity and sporting participation due to poor knee function and the development of OA. Concerningly ACL injuries also have high re-injury rates within a 5 year period in returning to sport.

At Perform we are passionate about providing elite, evidence based treatment and rehabilitation to our clients and athletes ensuring we optimize their knee function and give them the best opportunity to return to sport successfully and safely.

This is why we have compiled the best current literature to develop an evidence based criteria driven treatment and ACL rehab program. This program transitions a client from initial injury, surgery and return to play with integrated strength and sport specific testing to guide our clinical decision and rehabilitation progressions.

We are passionate about providing elite, evidence based treatment and rehabilitation to our clients and athletes.

Physio Assessment + Treatment

Your Physiotherapist will thoroughly assess your knee, and refer for imaging if required. Once they have accurately diagnosed your knee condition they can arrange the appropriate treatment which may include:

Physiotherapy to help you restore your knee function and strength.
Provide education in regards to your specific injury and required treatment plan and prognosis, for example time off sport, work, length of rehab.
Referral to an orthopaedic surgeon to discuss the potential need for surgery.

At Perform our Physios take great pride in caring for and rehabilitating our client’s with ACL injuries. ACL rehabilitation is a long journey requiring a minimum of 12 months to return to sport, therefore to help ensure our rehab is successful and our clients achieve their goals and return to sport safely we have developed an evidence based, criteria driven ACL and treatment rehab guide.

This program is an imperative tool to help educate and empower our clients along their rehab journey. The major steps along the way include:

Initial Injury Recovery + Pre-Op Phase

Recovery from Surgery Phase

Strength + Neuromuscular Control Phase

Running, Agility + Landings Training Phase

Return to Sport Phase

AxIT Strength + Return to Sport Testing

Prevention of Re-Injury

Throughout all of these stages we use our AxIT strength testing equipment to assess our client’s improvements and readiness to progress to the next stage in their recovery.

To start your ACL Rehab and get back to what you love to do and return to sport.

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