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Clinical Pilates + Exercise Classes in Ivanhoe, Victoria

Once our clients have transitioned out of their acute episode and have improved movement patterns and can tolerate some load in their one on one clinical pilates sessions with their Physio they are then ready to transition into our Move + Load Clinical Pilates and Strength Classes.

Our client’s are transitioned into the semi private class with their own individualized program, where there is 1 Physio and a maximum of 4 Clients. Each client is supervised closely and progressed session by session with regular reviews to ensure our client’s progress and achieve their goals.

These classes benefit anyone who is wanting to improve their movement, strength and physical resilience.

People with the following conditions or injuries benefit greatly from our Move + Load Classes:

Back and neck pain.

Post Operative Rehabilitation


Post Natal Recovery and Reconditioning

Hip and Knee Arthritis

Running injuries

ACL Rehabilitation

Athlete Development

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