Amy O’Shannassy

Founding Director

Principal Physiotherapist
Shoulder + Sports Physiotherapist
Titled APA Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist

Meet Amy O’Shannassy

Amy is a Titled Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist and works predominantly in Shoulder Rehabilitation. Amy has extensive experience in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of shoulder conditions such as impingement symptoms, instability, rotator cuff injuries and post surgical rehabilitation.

Amy adopts a progressive approach to Physiotherapy, utilising her clinical assessment and diagnostic ability to identify the symptomatic and causative elements of the client’s condition and then implementing a combination of manual therapy, Clinical Exercise + Pilates and strength and conditioning to optimise recovery, improve performance and overall wellness.

Amy has worked with people with a wide range of shoulder and sporting injuries, from office workers to manual workers, social athletes to full-time elite athletes. She has an advanced knowledge of the unique challenges that the shoulder can present, whether that be returning a person back to daily activities, weekend sport, or an elite athlete, returning them back to optimal performance.

Amy believes strongly in the proven benefits of exercise in overall health and wellness and as such, implements an active approach to treatment.

  • Masters of Sports & Exercise Physiotherapy
  • Graduate Certificate of Sports Physiotherapy
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  • Member of the Australian College of Physiotherapists
  • Member of Shoulder & Elbow Physiotherapist Australasia
  • Member of Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • Member of Sports and Exercise Group – Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • Strength Training Principles for Pilates
  • Athletic Ankle
  • High Performance Hip
  • ACL Rehabilitation
  • Non Operative ACL Rehabilitation
  • Sports Physiotherapy Level 2
  • Spinal Physiotherapy A
  • Strength & Conditioning Essentials for Physiotherapists
  • Running Repairs Course
  • Advanced Lower Limb Rehab in Sport
  • Lumbar Spine and Pelvis Assessment
  • Shoulder Course – Lyn Watson Level 1-3
  • DMA Clinical Pilates Level 1-3
  • Dry Needling

Amy believes strongly in the proven benefits of exercise in overall health and wellness

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NOTE: If you are new to the clinic, please book an initial appointment first. If you have an account with us, be sure to LOGIN and re-book / manage your classes from your My Account dashboard.

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1. Physiotherapy

An Initial Appointment is used for all new clients to Perform Physio + Pilates. Your Physiotherapist will conduct a thorough assessment, diagnose and treat accordingly. An appointment with an APA Titled Sports Physiotherapist will incur a higher service fee due to the Physiotherapist completing their Masters in Sports and Exercise Physiotherapy and a holding a higher level of experience.

3. Clinical Pilates + Exercise

Is where one of our Titled Sports Physio's Physiotherapists performs a full movement assessment reviewing your biomechanics and movement patterns and how they may inter-relate with your injury. The physio then prescribes and teaches you specific clinical pilates exercises on the reformer to address any movement of biomechanical impairments.

8. Online Physio

An Initial appointment will be an online consultation. During this consultation your Physio will take a full history of your injury and run you through some movement tests. You will get the usual advice, education and exercise regime you would, just as if you attended the clinic.

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Location Perform Physio - Ivanhoe
Practitioner Amy O’Shannassy

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