Perform Knee Program

12 Weeks of Specialised Exercise & Education Designed to Improve your Knee Pain

Who is this program suitable for?

This is a tailored program and is personally designed for anyone who has:

Knee Osteoarthritis

ACL Rupture

ACL Repair

Meniscal Knee Injury

Exercise is the Best First Treatment for Knee Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee is one of Australia’s leading causes of pain and functional limitations. It progresses over time and can become quite debilitating, preventing people from staying active and doing the things they love.

The latest research into the benefits of a combination of exercise and education for people with Knee OA has reported:

  • A reduction in pain by 36%
  • A reduced reliance on pain medication
  • Less sick leave was taken
  • A reduction in the persons perceived need for surgery
  • Improved joint confidence
  • Participants got stronger and improved function

Where Do We Begin?

You will begin with a comprehensive assessment of your knee, by one of our skilled Physiotherapists.

Our assessment of you knee will give us information on your current level of function and pain, which guides us to help you set individualised goals and monitor your progress.

Base on your assessment results, a personalised knee rehabilitation program will be prescribed specifically for you by one of our experienced Physiotherapists.

Why It Works

At Perform we recognise that every person is different with varied goals, experiences and lifestyles and therefore every knee pain presentation is different. With this in mind, the Perform+ Knee Program is specifically designed and tailored to you and your body, allowing us to best assist you in achieving your personalised goals.

With Knowledge comes Power. The research is clear. To achieve the best results people need to understand their condition and be empowered to be an active participant in their rehabilitation process. With this in mind we not only continually provide education and advice at every session, but also give you access to our Knee Education portal where you can find information sheets, blogs and educational videos on many different arthritis topics.

This is not a set and forget program. Every week we ensure that you are progressing, and adapting your program accordingly. Each session with us, is closely supervised to make sure that your exercise technique is optimal and then every 4 weeks we perform a comprehensive strength assessment. This provides us data to evaluate your progress and advance your exercises accordingly to ensure the best clinical outcome.

How It Works


Informed by your knee condition and Initial Assessment, our team of skilled Physiotherapists will develop a 12-week rehab exercise plan targeting your specific areas for improvement. After the Initial Assessment you will be given a home and in-clinic exercise program.

Before you join the semi private classes you will undergo 1:1 Clinical Exercises sessions to enable you to learn your exercises correctly under close individual supervision from one of our expert Physiotherapists. When you are proficient and safe with your exercises you are able to join our small, semi-private exercises sessions twice a week at a time that suits you. Our classes are capped at 4 people to ensure that you continue to receive optimal supervision.


To ensure that your program is progressed and adapted to your needs, your progress is reassessed every 4 weeks to facilitate a new block of exercise programming. Each 4 week block of exercises is designed to target your specific requirements giving you the best opportunity to progress and achieve your goals. After each assessment you will be given an update of both your home and in-clinic exercise program

How You Progress Through Our 12 week Knee Program

Your Perform Knee Physios:

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5. Perform+ Hip & Knee Program

During this appointment your Physiotherapist will take you through a comprehensive evaluation of your knee and hip function prior to commencing the Perform Hip + Knee Program.

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