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Perform Physio + Pilates

We exist to empower individuals to overcome pain and injuries, unlocking their full potential enabling them to perform at their best.

Physiotherapy & Pilates in Ivanhoe + Northcote

Our Physiotherapists are highly skilled, able to identify causation, relieve pain, and fully rehabilitate and recondition clients using a combination of manual therapy, Clinical Exercise + Pilates along with strength and conditioning, so they can achieve their health and wellness goals.

Our Services

We are evidence and research-driven and we do this while equally holding the importance of developing trust and meaningful connection with our clients.

Our Classes

CLINICAL PILATES: Once our clients have transitioned out of their acute episode and have improved movement patterns and can tolerate some load, we transition them into our Move + Load Clinical Pilates and Strength Classes.

HYDROTHERAPY: Once clients have completed an initial Hydrotherapy session and have been deemed safe to be in the water they can transition into the Hydrotherapy Class at the Northcote Aquatic and Recreation Centre

We work together with our clients to achieve their unique ambitions and goals.

Meet Our Perform Physio + Pilates Team

Our Physiotherapists are highly skilled in the ability to diagnose, identify causation and facilitate recovery in order to fully rehabilitate and recondition.

We utilise the latest technology to facilitate our clinical decision making and objective analysis.

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