What is Knee Osteoarthritis?

What It Is: A chronic condition that occurs in the joint where the cartilage, which lines the knee joint, has areas or sections that has worn down a little. There are different levels and severities of arthritis ranging from Grade 1, mild degeneration to Grade 4, where there is full thickness cartilage degeneration. These joint changes increase the joint friction and therefore can result in pain, stiffness and swelling.

Common Symptoms will often include:

  • Pain and swelling during or after activity, pain after prolonged rest or static positions.
  • Symptoms are often more sensitive and further irritated with weight bearing activities.
  • When the knee is irritated it can often feel quite hot.
  • The knee can also lose range of motion and feel stiff.

How We Treat It:

Conservative management

Current research suggests that Physiotherapy should be the first port of call for treatment is as often effective as some forms of surgery and in most cases often delays or prevents the need for surgery. Thus it is always recommended as the first line of treatment prior to considering surgery.

  • The best recommendations for managing knee arthritis includes:
  • Lifestyle modifications
  • Education
  • Clinical Exercise + Rehabilitation
  • Weight loss

Rehab will be based upon your specific needs, goals and presentation but will often include a combination of targeted exercises, hands on therapy and information on how to manage the symptoms of your condition.

Physiotherapists will track your progress through specific outcome measures to ensure you are achieving your goals. Our aim is to gently and progressively load your knee and surrounding muscles to get you stronger and build up your capacity to cope with the demands of your daily life, sport and occupational demands.
The success of Physiotherapy is reliant on the implementation of a comprehensive strength and conditioning program, that in turn decreases your pain and improves your function.

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