Steps to Decrease Your Plantar Fascia Pain


Plantar Fasciopathy is pain experienced at the inside section of the sole of the foot predominately where the arch meets the heel bone. This pain is caused by degeneration and changes to the collagen of the ‘Plantar Fascia’.

  • Localized pain where your arch meets your heel bone
  • Start up pain (when you get out of bed or after prolonged rest)
  • Pain with walking or running
  • No specific incident. The pain gradually builds and may intensify with a
    change in activity levels


There are many contributing factors or risk factors leading the development of Plantar Fasciopathy.

  • Stiff Ankle or Big Toe
  • Calf Weakness
  • Calf Tightness
  • Release / Massage sole of foot and calf
  • Increased body weight
  • High % of standing throughout the day
  • Athletic population (Runners, Jumpers)


  1. De-load from aggravating activities (walking, running)
  2. Calm down the painful tissues
  3. Strengthen:
    – Foot
    – Calf
    – Hamstrings
    – Glutes
  4. Return to a progressive walking and running program

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