Running Analysis in Ivanhoe, Victoria

Improve your running performance + reduce injury risks.

We fully understand the effect an injury can have on a runner, physically and mentally. So as physios it’s our primary goal to not only treat running injuries effectively but also to help prevent them.

Why is a Running Analysis beneficial?
Running injuries are unfortunately extremely common, with research showing that running-related injuries occur in up to 80% of runners each year. The contributing factors to these injuries that we need to review include the runner’s training plan and load management, technique, flexibility, and strength.

We use running and movement analysis to identify your limitations, weaknesses and movement variations that may be having a detrimental effect on your running economy and be contributing to your injury. With this information we can reverse engineer the issues and implement effective treatment and strengthening programs to address the root cause of injury and improve performance.

Our primary goal to not only treat running injuries effectively but also to help prevent them.

What to expect from your running analysis:

Your running assessment will consist of a thorough musculoskeletal review, strength tests and functional movement analysis. We then get you comfortable running on the treadmill and film from the back and side as you run. You will be able to watch yourself running using live streaming from our iPads to our large LCD screen for real time feedback.
We then review this high-speed video in slow motion frame by frame to identify any loading or technique issues – giving us clear insight into how you run.

We never make large technique changes, and we always take into account where you are within your running season. By making small changes, we can have a profound effect on injuries and performance.
The whole session takes 45 minutes and you will walk away with actionable data and a plan to improve your strength and running economy.

Running injuries we treat:

Plantar fasciopathy

Patellofemoral pain

Iliotibial band syndrome

Stress fractures

Achilles tendinopathy

Patella tendinopathy

Hip and gluteal injuries

Calf tears

Hamstring Injuries

Shin splints / Compartment syndrome

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