The Perform+ Shoulder Clinic is a division of Perform Physio + Pilates, created specifically to care for clients with shoulder pain, injuries and recovering from surgery. We provide the highest quality advice and care based from the latest research to ensure that our clients achieve a full recovery and return to the active lifestyle they love.

Shoulder injuries are complex and multifactorial, often seriously impeding a persons capacity to perform basic daily tasks, occupational duties and sporting activities. Given the shoulder’s intricate nature, it is imperative that client’s receive an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment including a individualised rehabilitation program, to ensure an optimal outcome is achieved.

If you have shoulder pain, or feel that your shoulder is either restricted or unstable or recently had surgery, the Physio’s at Perform+ Shoulder Clinic will be able to help.

Meet Shoulder and Sports Physiotherapist Amy O’Shannassy

Amy O’Shannassy is a Shoulder and Sports Physiotherapist with substantial expertise in diagnosing and treating all shoulder conditions such as impingement conditions, instability, rotator cuff injuries and post surgical rehabilitation.

Our Shoulder Clinic has a strong emphasis on providing our clients with an accurate diagnosis, while developing a deep understanding of our client’s goals and circumstances. We are then able to tailor an individualised rehabilitation program to meet and exceed our client’s daily and athletic goals.

Amy O’Shannassy

Founding Director

Principal Physiotherapist
Shoulder + Sports Physiotherapist
Titled APA Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist

Amy is a Titled Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist and works predominantly in Shoulder Rehabilitation. Amy has extensive experience in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of shoulder conditions such as impingement symptoms, instability, rotator cuff injuries and post surgical rehabilitation.

Amy adopts a progressive approach to Physiotherapy, utilising her clinical assessment and diagnostic ability to identify the symptomatic and causative elements of the client’s condition and then implementing a combination of manual therapy, Clinical Exercise + Pilates and strength and conditioning to optimise recovery, improve performance and overall wellness.

Amy has worked with people with a wide range of shoulder and sporting injuries, from office workers to manual workers, social athletes to full-time elite athletes. She has an advanced knowledge of the unique challenges that the shoulder can present, whether that be returning a person back to daily activities, weekend sport, or an elite athlete, returning them back to optimal performance.

Amy believes strongly in the proven benefits of exercise in overall health and wellness and as such, implements an active approach to treatment.

AxIT Shoulder Strength Testing

At the Perform+ Shoulder Clinic we provide Shoulder Strength Testing to specifically guide our tailored rehabilitation programs. The testing identifies any asymmetries between your injured and non-injured shoulder, setting clear base lines and targets on where your rehabilitation process needs to be directed.

We utilise this strength testing with all our instability and post surgical clients. After particular milestones are met after surgery we will perform strength testing at 6 months, 9 months and 12 months to provide all of our clients with an individualised tailored rehabilitation program and give them assurance their rehabilitation is on track.

This strength testing procedure also gives us clear indicators that an athlete is safe and ready to return to sport.

After your testing session you will receive a detailed report that highlights your strengths and areas that you need to improve during your rehabilitation journey. Your strength guides our criteria based decision making allowing us to clearly advise you on your readiness to safely return to sport and perform at your best.

How Does the AxIT Strength Testing Session Work?

The AxIT system performs a complete performance assessment of strength and power for any muscle in your body, as well as the movements you need to perform daily activities or sports.

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