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Meet Riley Owen

Riley is a dedicated physiotherapist with a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Masters of Physiotherapy Practice La Trobe University. His extensive experience spans private practice, hospital settings, and collaborative work with various football teams in the northern suburbs.

While Riley excels in addressing a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries, his passion lies in shoulder and knee rehabilitation. He strongly believes in leveraging strength testing technology to establish precise treatment goals, providing a roadmap for successful rehabilitation. With accreditation as a strength and conditioning coach, he possesses the expertise to seamlessly integrate clinical exercises, ensuring a safe and sustainable recovery journey for his clients.

Beyond his professional commitments, Riley maintains an active lifestyle, dedicating time to gym workouts and trying to improve his golf swing. He’s also a passionate sports fan who’s happy to chat about football and cricket.

  • Bachelor of Applied Science & Masters of Physiotherapy Practice
  • ASCA Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coaching accreditation
  • Lyn Watson Shoulder Level 1
  • GEMt Dry Needling
  • APA Sports Level 1
  • GLAD Certified Clinician for Hip and Knee OA
  • Shoulder Instability
  • Shoulder osteoarthritis
  • Strength Training Principles for Pilates
  • DMA Clinical Pilates Unit A
  • ACL rehabilitation
  • Non-operative ACL rehabilitation
  • Sporting hip and groin

Riley has a keen interest in musculoskeletal and sports rehabilitation and employs a holistic approach to treatment

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1. Physiotherapy

An Initial Appointment is used for all new patients. We will conduct a thorough assessment, diagnose and treat accordingly.

3. Clinical Pilates + Exercise

Is where one of our Assoicate Physiotherapists performs a full movement assessment reviewing your biomechanics and movement patterns and how they may inter-relate with your injury. The physio then prescribes and teaches you specific clinical pilates exercises on the reformer to address any movement of biomechanical impairments.

5. Perform+ Hip & Knee Program

During this appointment your Physiotherapist will take you through a comprehensive evaluation of your hip function prior to commencing the Perform+ Hip Program.

During this appointment your Physiotherapist will take you through a comprehensive evaluation of your knee and hip function prior to commencing the Perform Hip + Knee Program.

6. Testing + Analysis Consultations

Improve your running performance + reduce injury risks. We fully understand the effect an injury can have on an injured runner, not only physically but mentally. So it is our primary goal to not only treat running injuries effectively but also help prevent them. Your Running Assessment will consist of a thorough musculoskeletal assessment, strength tests and functional movement analysis. We then get you comfortable running on the treadmill and then film you run from the back and side. You will be able to watch yourself running using live streaming from our iPads to our large LCD screen for real time feedback. We then are able to use this high speed video, and review it in slow motion and frame by frame identifying any loading or technique issues, giving us clear insight into how you run. We will never make large technique changes, and we are always considerate of where you are within your season in regards to a big race or run. We know by making small changes we can have a profound effect on injuries and performance. The whole session will take 45min and you will walk away with actionable data and a plan to improve your strength and running economy, so you can run better and perform better.

At Perform we provide ACL VALD Strength + Return to Sport Testing at 6months, 9 months and 12months post ACL Reconstruction. In these consultations your Physiotherapist will run you through a thorough testing process assessing: - Strength - Neuromuscular Control - Psychological Readiness - Fitness and Sport Specific Performance You will receive a detailed report that indicates your strengths and areas that you may need to continue to improve during your rehabilitation and training. The data collected from the above criteria based testing provides evidence on whether the athlete has the capacity to safely return to sport and deal with the demand of their sport.

During this appointment you will meet with your Physio, and discuss your sport, its requirments and your goals. We will then perform a sport specific strength assessemnt using our VALD performance equipement to give you tagible data, that will guide your rehab, and training.

8. Online Physio

An Initial appointment will be an online consultation. During this consultation your Physio will take a full history of your injury and run you through some movement tests. You will get the usual advice, education and exercise regime you would, just as if you attended the clinic.

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