How to Decrease Shoulder Pain

Shoulders pain can often be quite problematic and we understand that it can be extremely frustrating, limiting your daily activities and often disturbing your sleep. Often people will try multiple treatment avenues to no avail. This may involve, rest, massage, injections and even surgery.

The key to successful shoulder treatment is to:

  1. Calm the pain down
  2. Improve the shoulder movement
  3. Gradually load the shoulder to increase its strength and capacity to perform daily tasks and life’s demands.

If your shoulder pain is stopping you from doing what you normally love to do, then it is time to get it looked at by one of our experienced Physiotherapists.

What is It?

Having pain at the front of your shoulder is a very common injury. Sometimes it will attract the diagnosis of Sub-acromial impingement, Bursitis or Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy.

Symptoms often include:

  • No specific cause of the injury / pain
  • Pain progresses over time
  • Pain with lifting, reaching or overhead tasks
  • Pain with rotation movements, such as tucking in shirt, doing up bra, stirring while cooking dinner

Why Does it Hurt? 

The tendons under the tip of your collar bone have an increased degree of compression placed on them either from:

  • alterations to the shoulder
  • blade movement and positioning
  • poor control around the ball and socket joint of the shoulder

Do I Need Surgery?

Most likely not!

Physiotherapy and prescribed exercise has been proven to be extremely successful and should be where you start your rehab journey.

Best Treatment?

Physiotherapy identifies the causative factors of your shoulder pain, and then optimises your shoulder position and posture. Then we go about strengthening! We find the right load and start light and in low ranges. Then we increase your range and strengthen accordingly. You need to be strong with your shoulder by your side and then we need to strengthen through the full 180 degrees of shoulder movement.

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