Hip Osteoarthritis Explained

What is hip osteoarthritis (OA) ?

Hip osteoarthritis (OA) is an inflammatory condition of the hip joint which can result in pain, stiffness and loss of function. These degenerative changes can range from early stage (Grade 1) to more severe (Grade 4), and can have a major impact on quality of life.

Common symptoms include:

  • Pain in the hip, groin or thigh
  • Loss of hip motion and feeling of stiffness
  • Grinding, clicking or locking of the hip joint
  • Increased pain with weight bearing activities

Risk factors:

Advancing Age
History of previous injury
Reduced muscle strength
Sex ( OA is more prevelant in females as compared to males)

How do we treat it?

Current research suggests physiotherapy and exercise is paramount for rehabilitation, with exercise almost always the first line option for the management and prevention of hip OA.

Rehabilitation will be different for every person, however will likely focus on:

  • Exercise
  • Lifestyle modification
  • Weight loss and diet
  • Education
  • Functional retraining

Your physiotherapist will help guide you through this process, using specific outcome measures to track your progress. Treatment will be centred on improving muscle strength and function, enhancing movement and helping empower you to achieve your desired goals.

If you are ready to take the next step forward in your recovery, please contact our friendly reception team today. Your highly skilled Physio will perform a thorough assessment, provide effective treatment and set you up with a treatment plan towards recovery.

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